SAAA Membership Brief - AirVenture Australia 2017

AVA 2017 and all previous events in recent years had been presented and operated in the spirit of inclusion of all sectors of the sport and general aviation sectors.

Two days ago we reached out to the aviation community for, in effect, “crowd funding” to support the event financially. The pledges received to date have met the potential shortfall – indicating to us that the event and organisers had the general community support. That is - to continue as an open venue run in the same spirit as the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Flyin in America.

This process will take some days to complete and we would expect more positive reports from sponsors and the organiser supported by ourselves over that time.

Lets all look forward to a great event.

Tony White – President SAAA
11th August 2017

AirVenture Australia - Narromine - 2017

Dear Member,

A long-held dream within the general aviation community in Australia has been to bring together all Australian general aviation member groups together under one sky. To achieve something similar to the EAA in the United States.

A step to achieve this began in 2016. General aviation member organisations were invited to become stakeholders in the original 2016 Event, which was named OzKosh. OzKosh was created to encourage aviators, sponsors and suppliers to come together under one sky. After the success of the 2016 Event, OzKosh was renamed Airventure Australia in response to participant feedback.

Airventure Australia Pty Ltd (AVA) was established with three founding Member organisations being RAAus, SAAA and APF to take the 2017 event forward. The objective remains to bring the general aviation community together and to meet the interests of the Members not only of the founding Member organisations, but those of all in the aviation community – in essence to deliver annual events that are founded on fly-ins which provide entertainment, education and an opportunity to socialise with likeminded people.

SAAA is largely a volunteer run organisation, with very limited employed administrative or technical support.  The volunteers work hard to maintain and enhance the SAAA community with services that meet Member needs, and keep them safe. We are not interested in making a profit, nor can we as SAAA is a not-for-profit organisation, and we are not interested in politics other than those associated with advancing the richness of SAAA and the broader general aviation community.

Our involvement in AVA inevitably exposes us and the other founding Member organisations to commercial relationships with supporters of the industry (product and service providers) who we look to for financial support of events such as AVA. Commercial decisions and arrangements are entered into with the best of intentions to create a win-win outcome for all stakeholders. Not surprisingly, there will be occasions where commercial reality and the pressures to develop sufficient pledged financial support to provide confidence by event organisers to “press the button” conspire to produce outcomes that are unpalatable to some in the community.

Sadly, there has been one such outcome which stems from an agreement entered into between AVA organisers and OzRunways. All parties acted in good faith and with proper business conduct. OzRunways were the first industry supporter who quickly recognised the opportunity to become the “Naming Rights” sponsor for AVA 2017.  The AVA organisers were delighted that OzRunways made this significant commitment that provided AVA with the impetus and confidence to push forward with the 2017 Event.

There are some in the broader community, which includes SAAA, who were not comfortable with certain aspects of the conditions under which OzRunways were engaged, in particular those which resulted in certain parties being unable to exhibit at AVA. Why – simply because this is not consistent with the dream - All aviators, sponsors and suppliers coming together under one sky.”

This said, it must be put on record that OzRunways have acted in good faith and have not acted improperly. Accordingly, OzRunways do not deserve to be vilified, and neither should any of the founding Members of AVA. SAAA encourages its Members to not do so. However, sadly, and we believe largely as a result of public response, OzRunways have elected to withdraw from the AVA 2017 Event.
There will now, sadly be a shortfall in funding.

SAAA is asking the membership if there are members out there who would consider pledging any amount to support the event.
If you, as a member can see your way to support this event – please click the button below:

Tony White
Without Predjudice   

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Dear Members,

The National Council in the pursuit of open and transparent management is publishing Minutes of Meetings. 
The Minutes are now all available, since this current NC was elected 26th November 2016.

CASA AvMed Certification Review

SAAA along with all stakeholders in the aviation community were invited to make submissions in respect of CASA’s current review of Aviation Medical certifications.


SAAA naturally delivered a submission. In summary, we have been and continue to advocate like many others both here and in other countries for a system that is more suited for private pilots irrespective of whether they may be operating to VFR, NVFR, IFR or hold other license categories or endorsements. In developing our submission, we have been fortunate to draw on the expertise of many of our Members with a variety of backgrounds from highly qualified and experienced aviators and professional pilots, to those with medical and DAME experience. We thank all of our Members who contributed.


CASA reported receiving around 160 submissions from pilots, industry associations, flying organisations and medical professionals. Those submissions where the author has provided permission for publication are now available on the CASA website from the link below. SAAA’s submission is included.



The current National Council was elected 26 November 2016. In the absence of any plan or functional structure at this time, a Business Plan for the 2nd half of FY1617 was prepared and has been in operation since approved in January 2017. This plan will be re-worked for the FY1718 around May / June 2017. In the meantime, the 2nd Half FY1617 Business Plan available here represents the current status of this plan; this will be updated periodically.  Here

At the National Council meeting held on the 4  Feb 2017, your NC considered the SAAA’s position with respect to endorsement of training courses for members. 
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Policy Discussion with Members continued:
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Dear Members,

We will be hosting the third “President – Chapter Discussion Forum” this coming Saturday at 02:00hrs UTC using the Zoom conferencing software.  We have adjusted the prior planned day / time in an endeavor to find perhaps a more convenient time that suits more Members.

We will also trial inviting individual Members to participate, in addition to the Chapter group participation. This is of course designed to make it more practical for Members to participate. We have increased the participant capacity of the Zoom conferencing software to 100. We hope this will be adequate, but we would nevertheless encourage as many Members to participate as part of Chapter groups as this should improve discussion dynamics and ease of managing discussion. But, all participants will need to be careful to avoid background noise, moving their computers / laptops / tablets as the cacophony of background sound from up to 100 participants will like

Members are reminded to contact the Chapter President & Secretary to find out where your Chapter is meeting to participate in the Webinar. 
All Members will receive an email on how to participate.  Please contact the office if you have not received these details.

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