Who is the SAAA ?

What we do

Our core business is the building of amateur built aircraft and the continuous maintenance of such aircraft in accordance with the regulations, advisory material and any other requirements including good aircraft engineering practice. We encourage members to assist each other to follow this practice and, as a safety outcome based organisation, we have developed various means of technical assistance and training to ensure the safest outcomes for members.

With member support the National Council can engage with the Regulator and industry to protect member‟s privileges. Collectively by demonstrating a responsible attitude we can provide the assurance to the Regulator and the public that we pose acceptable manageable risk and thus earn the privilege to continue with the recreation we hold dear.

Broaden your horizons, make new friends and learn new skills

The SAAA has something to offer everyone with an interest in sport aviation, whether you're a builder, a pilot or just enjoy being around aircraft and fellow aviation enthusiasts. If you're thinking about building your own aircraft, then the SAAA is your starting point. We can provide advice and technical information. Our experienced Technical Councillors can guide you through the challenges of a project and help you to build a competent safe aircraft. You might have an interest in restoring historic, classic or ex-military aircraft, or you may prefer the joys of recreational flying in production aircraft.

Whatever your particular interest in aviation, the SAAA provides the opportunity to share the experience with fellow enthusiasts. Membership includes subscription to "Airsport", the association's quarterly magazine. We encourage all members to join a chapter - see Chapter Locations for your nearest chapter and information about forming a chapter. At the end of each quarter the National Office will provide a list of all members who indicated they belonged to a chapter to the Chapter President, and provide an administration grant of $20 for each member on that list. This grant assists with the operation of the Chapter. The local Chapters provide an active and enjoyable environment where members work together developing building techniques, work on their projects, get together for local events etc. as well as participating in fly-ins.

Vision Statement

The SAAA is a group of aviation enthusiasts assisting each other to build, maintain and operate sport aircraft. We educate members to continuously improve safety outcomes.