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Adriaan  Wessels (Chapter 24) RV6 Blog

Bryan McGrath

is building a reproduction Stampe SV4C from original drawings. The Stampe is a classic aerobatic and training biplane designed in the 1930s by Vertigen Stampe of Belgium. It has an all wood airframe including the fuselage and tailplane.

 More information on the build is available on 'The Biplane Forum' and Facebook:


 The Biplane Forum:

Dave Berenholtz

is building a Long-EZ. Check out his site  -

Nick Potter

is building a Murphy Rebel and will be uploading his progress to NIck's Website

Bruce Deslandes (Chapter 39) TC

is building a Vans RV-8A . This project is now nearing completion. Powered by a Lycoming IO 360  200 hp angle valve coupled to a Hartzell   2 blade  CS Prop.  The instrument panel  is a Dynon  SV 10”  3D. with ADAHRS and engine module and AOA Pitot, complemented by a Garmin AERA  500. Icom comms with King 76a Transponder and if all fails steam powered ASI , ALT,& VSI, oh and a compass! This has been a slow process due to work, I retired last week and expect a faster build rate. The aircraft is now on the Australian Register as VH – ERD. 

Shirley Harding (Chapter 16) and NC

 is building a Vans RV12. This is my second project, the first was a Vans RV6 which has been flying for 6 years now. The RV 12 is going together amazingly well - it's an extremely well-engineered kit. The majority of the metalwork is done, and I'm now working on the wiring. This is slightly complicated due to Vans upgrading the avionics from Dynon 180 to SkyView. This requires the addition of harness adaptors and changes to the types of electrical connectors.


Mark Bolton (Chapter 16)

is building a Vans RV4. Almost ready for issue of C of A.

July 2012

Rob Melis (Chapter 16)

is building a Vans RV-12. The empennage and wing kits were delivered the day I got my PPL in August 2010. Now, some 900 hours later I’m busy wiring up the avionics, and about to order the engine and firewall forward kit. My dad flew over from Victoria to help with the wings late last year. He’s 93 now, but as keen to see this plane fly as I am. In fact, he’ll be back in September to help join the tail cone to the fuselage, trial fit the wings and install the engine.   He’s really looking forward to us flying it from WA back to Victoria sometime next year when it’s finished and the test flying has been completed.

Vans have done an outstanding job with this kit. The precision, the level of integration and the quality of the plans is amazing. As a first-time builder, it has made assembly very easy. With a cruising speed of 115kts, the RV-12 is not the fastest aircraft in Van’s lineup, but it will outfly the Cessnas that I’m used to, plus it has features like removable wings, ability to use unleaded fuel or Avgas, Skyview avionics, GPS, transponder, autopilot, lights and typical RV handling. At last count there were 8 RV-12’s flying in Australia, with another 20 or so under construction. As Van said in one of his EAA talks `the RV-12 is a plane for all reasons’.  He should know, he built one too.

Cheers Rob July 2012

Perry McNeil (Chapter 15) 

has been building a Vans RV-8A for the past three years. This project has had its Final Inspection by the Canadian MDRA (the Canadian equivalent to the Australian SAAA) under the umbrella of Transport Canada. Powered by an Aero Sport Power (Superior Engines) TIO-400 215hp Turbo Normalized angle valve engine coupled to MT composite 3 Blade CS Propeller.  The instrument panels are two G3X touch screens forward and one G3X screen aft with ADAHRS (including AoA, 3 Axis Autoplilot, ADSB) and two Garmin 430W Nav/Com units. VIRB Camera system, Speedbrakes and extended range Tip-Tanks.  Registered C-GAUZ after Oshkosh in July 2016 Perry will be bringing her home to live between the Gold Coast and his hangar in Hervey Bay.

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